Conserve and protect marine environments

By Lance Sheppard & Ecostore

Hailing from a nation surrounded by oceans, ecostore has always been driven to conserve and protect marine environments.

We?re supporting Superyachts across the globe to minimize waste and reduce their reliance on single use plastics. We offer 20 & 50 litre bulk formats of our home cleaning and personal care products ? from shampoo to laundry liquid ? so crews can decant and refill on board. We?re also working closely with marinas with a plan to offer refill stations on land in the next 12 months. Ecostore?s safe, high performing formulations conform to rigorous global standards and exceed MARPOL requirements. They?re pH balanced, blackwater and greywater tank safe, and free from algae-promoting phosphates.

Climate change and increased carbon in our atmosphere are causing our seas to acidify ? impacting reef ecosystems and shellfish. So we?re also neutralizing our carbon emissions. As well as offsetting our factory?s emissions through regenerative native tree planting, in 2014 we switched our bottles from petroleum-based plastic to renewable, bio-based sugar plastic. Sugarcane captures CO2 as it grows, and that carbon is stored within sugar plastic bottles, which are refillable and readily recyclable.

Alongside our regular sugar plastic bottles, ecostore is the first NZ brand to launch a 100% Ocean Waste Plastic bottle, by making 20,000 bottles of limited edition hand wash. This will remove 1.16 tonnes of plastic waste from our oceans.

Ecostore is working with local and global organizations and setting an example for other businesses to follow. Our Auckland-based factory is the only manufacturer in Australasia with ISO9001, ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certifications, while our Laundry and Dish products boast the Environmental Choice tick. Ecostore is a Clear Ocean Pact partner, an Ellen MacArthur New Plastics Economy Global Commitment signatory, a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition and a signatory to the New Zealand Plastic Packaging Declaration.

New Zealand?s #1 Sustainable Brand 5 years running*

Lance Sheppard