Galley and Beyond is something I have been mulling over for over more than ten years. It was meant as a place where chefs, stewards, stewardesses and others would be able to help each other out. It was put on hold as social media kicked in, however today there are so many groups on the other hand that I feel it is time to bring it all together again and make it special.

Galley & Beyond?is a place to come a read informative posts, articles and recipes written by?people within the industry, to help and learn of fellow chefs and others that work with and around food in various ways. A network base, a community, somewhere to get inspiration, receive and give advise, tips & tricks.

It is also place for chefs, stewardesses, stewards, hosts, hostesses and suppliers to be able to showcase their work.??A contributor will receive a profile page (FREE) and a possibly link it all up his/hers own web-site or media page/s and also will be featured in Galley and Beyond’s social medias.

Galley and Beyond is not a forum as such but we will link it up to our Facebook-page and other social media so you will be seen.

As an alternative to the free profile page you can also have an extended profile page – like a mini web-site, more about that at this link – Galley and Beyond profile page – extended, the extended version is also available to all – not only contributors.

In addition should you not have our own web-site but would like one, JKQ Design gives a special deal to all Galley and Beyond contributors for the Slim Line, Healthy, Gourmet and Five Star packages.

With hopes this will be a place where you would like to visit often I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Are you in? – go to the G & B Contributors page.

For more information of me see my profile page.

For all further information contact jkq@galleyandbeyond.com.