Yacht Crew – Let me inspire and guide you to a healthier life – An on-board cleansing detox designed just for you and your team

By Sophie Maxwell – RawCore Studio – Certified Health Coach ?

rcsstampscrewWhen I embarked upon yachting in 2010 as an interior crew member I simply could not believe the places, the food and the money this wonderful industry had to offer for everyone – owners, guests and crew alike. It has amazing opportunities, it sucked me in! It also has a rather dark side! Gruelling work hours, sleep deprivation, stress, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, being away from loved ones, no privacy, confined spaces, toxic overload of cleaning products even verbal abuse ?.that is normal for a charter season. Seriously bad eating habits can form; lack of eating, over eating, rushed eating and then when season is over; drink, eat and be merry!

How many of you actually allow your bodies to recuperate, nourish yourselves and actually DE-TOXIFY? Would you dedicate 5-10 days a year to re-balance your body? We are living in a world where serious health issues are on the rise and everyone, especially yacht crew should be aware of the health risks you could be facing in the near future or perhaps much further on down the line!

In the summer season of 2014 when all of the above took their toll, together with of a string of bad experiences my body hit rock bottom. This pushed me towards something I had really been aspiring to do for the whole time I was a part of yachting ? become balanced and healthy! This redirected me into the real world of nutrition. Navigating with eagerness and passion to learn about myself and my body and in turn gaining a genuine excitement to spread my newly found knowledge in an understandable way. Simple routines, basic rules, and a dedication to preventing potential life crisis.

Several years of self-study, a mass of mentoring experience, a solid year of study through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and 2 months at one of Europe?s top yoga detox retreats I experienced the light bulb effect ? to deliver a detox for yacht crew that would restore health and wellbeing, bring the body back to life, cleanse the liver, clean the blood, improve clarity of the mind, rid the body of toxic overload, assist the body within seasonal change, and educate the crew on what they really undertake throughout the yachting seasons.

Lets get one thing straight – I LOVE FOOD – So trust me this is not about starvation! Exciting and yummy menu plans, tailored consultations, integrative solutions to give you what your bodies are desperate for ? nutrients, vitamins and love!!! The results are endless ? boundless energy, clearer complexions, better sleep, weight loss, reduced anxiety and stress levels and just happy!! YOU WILL NOT GO HUNGRY!

rcsstampsrecipesThe body only needs a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 21 days to re-balance which can be done ideally twice a year. A pre and post season detox is really what you should be aiming for?.Undertake this and you and your crew are winning ? tell your captain, your owners, the chief stew and get booked in!!

I come and work with you, create the food, deliver daily discovery sessions, within 5 days you will have a full understanding of your health, the potential health risks in life, what to do about it, how to protect yourselves and learn a new way of eating. From 5 to 21 days – who can?t do that?!


  • 5 -21 day detox delivered on-board with or without your chef
  • To restore and re-balance your bodies pre & post yacht season
  • See exciting and clear cut results
  • Exciting & tasty menu plans
  • Complimentary one-2-one health consultation for each crew member
  • Full guidance & support throughout for the crew
  • A step by step guide before, during & after detox
  • How to incorporate new changes into your life

Visit my web-site www.rawcorestudio.com or my Facebook page ?RawCoreStudio? to see how previous crew found it and to see snippets of the cleanse.