Where-to next?

wheretoBy Galley and Beyond ?

It is August and anyone working within the yachting industry is no doubt busy and in full swing. However, in another month (or two) some of you might not know what happens next and although you may feel that you are way to busy to think of this now,?the question lingers.

If you are a freelance chef you only know too well that when end-of-season comes along you are in dire need of a very well deserved rest although you also know that you need to get that next job lined up. This is where Galley and Beyond can help you along the way. Even if you have next to no time to spare you can with little effort get yourself an extended profile page based at Galley and Beyond.

jolinablogThe Galley and Beyond profile page ? extended is an yearly subscription of a extended personal profile page with possibility to showcase your work as a small alternative or in combination of your own web-site / media page. You will here have the chance to more in dept showcase your work with images, menus and information. You will be able to link up PDFs add links to your own personal social media pages and/or web-site.

The page will be your personal web page at Galley & Beyond and you will have the chance to supply changes & additions to it three times / year, so it can be updated before and after the seasons. You will automatically be listed in Galley and Beyond?s profile pages and featured in our social networks. (Although you do not have to be, should you not prefer to be.)

Time is precious so I manage the page for you ? no need to log-in, technical knowhow, all you need to do is email me the information and images.

Easily?you will have that vital official apparence on the web that you can share to crew agencies and prospect employers.

For details go ? galleyandbeyond.com/galley-and-beyond-profile-page-extended/