The Chef Spoons story

By Chef Spoons ??

Chef Spoons started because I got tired of people jacking my favorite spoons. The first ?prototype? was simply one of our pieces of art attached to the handle of someone else?s spoon. But I didn?t like the feel of the art on the spoon, so I started embedding the art in the handle. It wasn?t too long before I thought, wouldn?t it be much more efficient and cost effective to just make a spoon from scratch with a pocket for the artwork already there??And then I started thinking, if I?m going to be manufacturing my own spoon, why not design the ideal spoon for people like me? And thus, the Chef Spoon was born!

Chef Spoons was successfully funded on Kickstarter Summer 2015. That enabled the manufacturing of the spoon body I designed. That?s the only part of Chef Spoons that is done by a third-party. Everything else is in-house. We have a team of 9 artists who create the original artwork, and then we convert the artwork into a format that can be put into the spoon. The art is secured in the handle using epoxy resin that is FDA-approved for food contact and heat-resistant up to 400?F.


Chef Spoons are cooking, plating, and serving spoons crafted of stainless steel with original artwork encased in the handle. My patent-pending design ensures the Chef Spoon is more than just a unique kitchen accessory ? it is a master culinary service utensil. The bowl holds 23 mL; its edges are designed specifically for scraping the sides of a bowl. The Chef Spoon?s industrial-sized bowl tapers to a tip, so you can get to all the corners of the pot. The narrow tip also allows for controlled plating and clean, easy tasting. The handle of the spoon has a series of ridges for a non-slip grip. Being made of 18/8 stainless steel ensures Chef Spoons can stand up to the everyday abuse of a working kitchen.


With close to 200 designs to choose from today, there really is a Chef Spoon for everyone. Not only that, we also do Custom Chef Spoons. These are great if you have a logo, are an artist yourself, or want to promote your company. One of the first Chef Spoons we sold was a Custom Chef Spoon given as a wedding shower gift. We were told the couple said it was their favorite present because it was so thoughtful and dishwasher-safe. It?s neat how what I had originally designed with the professional chef in mind has become something so much bigger. I never imagined Chef Spoons as wedding gifts, you know?!

tessa-and-adamThis is, literally, just the beginning for Chef Spoons. My wife and I ? and everyone who has been along for the journey ? are really excited. We?re ready to take our company and show it off to all the world?s culinarians.


Some chefs and their Chef Spoons