Tarte Tatin version for the holiday period

image-3-2By Jeanette @?Galley and Beyond ??

I attended a family dinner over Christmas and wanted to bring something eatable but a little different so made this version of a Tarte Tatin. It can definitely be improved upon in all aspects but though I should share it for you all to mull over as it was received well even as it was.

In short, it is a Tarte Tatin with a Ginger bread crust and Marzipan filing.

As it was all last minute I even used prepared ginger bread dough (for hard cookies) but this would have been even better if prepared from scratch and with the intention to use it for this from start. To soften the crust and make it fluffier I made a lair with margarine (butter would be even better) in the middle so if given more time I would have med several folds and lairs but the single margarine lair was sufficient.

In a +/- 23cm ovenproof skillet (including handle) on medium-hot heat

  • 1 dl Castor (or Brown) sugar
  • Juice from one Madarine or Clementine


  • 75-85g Margarine or Unsalted butter


  • Wedges or slices of peeled Pink-Lady apples (4-5 depending on size) ensuring that the syrup covers all apple pieces


  • Some Cinnamon on top

Let the syrup and apples cook for 45-50 minutes on medium-hot heat until cooked through and received a golden colour.

~ * ~

Whilst the apple are cooking

Pre-heat the oven at 175-180? C

Prepare the dough

  • Roll out a thin (2-3mm) circle (25+cm) of the ginger bread cookie dough on baking or parchment paper
  • Click out nuts of Margarine or Unsalted butter over the dough
  • Cover with baking or parchment paper and roll out to flatten and spread over the dough
  • Set this dough with butter lair aside
  • Roll out a similar thin (2-3mm) circle (25+cm) of the ginger bread cookie dough on baking or parchment paper
  • Place second lair of dough on to the first lair?s butter-side and roll with baking paper to combine all into one laired circle
  • Let rest in fridge

Prepare the Marzipan lair

  • Roll out 200g of Marzipan to a 23cm circle
  • Let rest in fridge

~ * ~

To combine

  • When apples are cooked remove the skillet from stove and place on an oven-tray and let cool a little
  • Place the marsipan on top of the apples and push down into the skillet to cover to the edges
  • Working quickly place the laired cookie dough on top of skillet and cut around edges and press down the dough into the skillet to cover to the edges
  • Place the whole oven tray into the oven for 15-20 minutes until the dough is golden and crisp
  • Remove from oven and let rest for a moment before placing a cutting-board (with platter on stand by) or up-side-down plate to cover the skillet
  • Fold a towel to cover and with oven-mittens tightly grab skillet and cutting-board/plate and turn carefully – (beware this is piping hot syrup) if you are using a cutting board let any access syrup run onto platter
  • Ensure that the skillet is freed from crust and apples and remove skillet carefully
  • Let the tart slide onto platter if using a cutting-board
  • Sprinkle with grated chocolate

~ * ~

To serve

  • If served hot – serve with Vanilla ice cream
  • If served at room temperature serve with Warm vanilla custard
  • Possibly with a warm Cranberries or Granit apple

Make it pretty, make it special – make it yours.

~ * ~

Happy holidays!!