Reindeer meat is as healthy as fish

Smoked-reindeerBy Nordic Temptations ?

If you want your diet to be low in fat and high in B-12, omega-3, omega-6 and essential fatty acids, you might think your only choice is a trip to the fish market. But a recent study from the University of Troms? shows that reindeer is one of the healthiest kinds of meat you can put on your plate. With a fat content of only two per cent, reindeer meat is one of the leanest meats.

Cold-smoking is a traditional means for preserving reindeer meat. Nowadays, in the age of freezers and refrigerators, few persons remember this, instead the main reason for cold-smoking is the fine taste it gives to the meat. The preparation process occurs at a low temperature (30?C at the most) and takes a long time ? from three to six weeks ? but the result is delicious.

Reindeer meat does not require a lot of spices, salt and pepper are usually enough. Leave the meat red on the inside when cooking. Reindeer meat is naturally tender. Remember to cook the meat only for a short time on a very hot pan or grill. Only place small amounts of meat at any one time on a pan with grease. If you are unused to the taste of reindeer meat, you should at first mix minced reindeer meat with a milder meat.

A granted success is to combine reindeer meat with horseradish. Take slices of smoked reindeer and mix with grated horseradish and whipped cream or spreadable cheese. Spread over full grain bread and garnish with parsley leaves.

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We at Nordic Temptations stock reindeer meat in several different forms including fillet, roast and smoked to meet the needs of even the most demanding use. If you need any tips in preparing your meat we will be glad to help you.