Malax Loaf ? Sweet and Savoury

Salmon and rye breadBy Nordic Temptations ??

Dark and rich in taste, the Malax Loaf is made from wholegrain rye, baked on sourdough with no preservatives or additives.??The flavour is both sweet and sour,??the original production methods give the bread its natural, refined taste which only gets better with age.

Today it is one of Finland?s most popular loaves, as naturally at home on the breakfast table as in exclusive gourmet restaurants. It has even been used as ingredient in the highly respected Bocuse d?Or competition! What makes it so special is the traditional method used when baking the bread, a recipe that goes all the way back to 1906 originating from the town of Vaasa in Western Finland. But exactly how to make Malax Loaf taste so divine is still a well kept secret.

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