KOBE or not ? How do you know ?

By Froggy Gourmet ?

Authorised Kobe beef dealer“I have to write this post as a short guide and reminder about the Kobe Beef on the market because not all of us are currently reading Japanese….”

Chefs & Customers need to know that most part of the ?Kobe Beef Meat? on the market is in fact a common Japanese Wagyu beef, excellent products, but not as expensive, rare and precious as the real Kobe Beef can be.

To be able to sale Real Kobe Beef Meat, companies need to get a professional license, attested by certificate and a bronze statue delivered by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association where all breeding / fatting farms and traders of Kobe Beef are to be designated and registered. Not so easy process, trust me!

A certified Japanese Kobe Beef needs to :Tracking number & Seal

  • Be a Pure lineage Tajima-Gyu, born, raised & slaughtered in Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Have a score of 6 or higher on the beef marble grading scale of 1-12.
  • The ?Japanese Chrysanthemum? seal officially certifying it is Kobe Beef.
  • This process is so strict that the meat package must carry a 10-digit number.

Make sure it’s real Kobe by tracking this number HERE??or visit the official website for more info : www.kobe-niku.jp?.
All the informations are listed (ID certificate, Official Retailers/Area, Origins?)

Froggy Gourmet is the only provisioning company?allowed to sell Kobe Beef as a retailer in?the Mediterranean Area since 2015.